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Coconut Plantation

Introduction The sap is extracted and collected by a tapper. Typically the sap is collected from the cut flower of the palm tree. A container is fastened to the flower stump to collect the sap. The white liquid that initially collects tends to be very sweet and non- alcoholic before it is fermented. An alternate method is the felling of the entire tree. Where this is practiced, a fire is sometimes lit at the cut end to facilitate the collection of sap.

Dangers travelling on high rope for the tapping.

Climbing coconut tree for tapping.


Coconut is grown in most parts of Sri Lanka except in the higher elevation but lease concentrated in the coconut triangle in the Puttalam, Kurunegala, Gampaha, Colombo and Kalutara Districts. It is cultivated in areas ranging from sea level up to elevation of about 750 meters. Coconut is a light loving tropical plant. It can tolerate a range of climate condition but perform well.

Main products of Coconuts

Coconut Coir fiber

Coir is a natural fiber extracted from the husk of coconut. There are two method used for the extract of these fiber. One is manually, the woman says, smiling, as she grabs a husk and flings it onto the ground. After the husks are fished out of the water manually by mostly women, dozens of coconut husks are then beaten to further soften the fibre and then dried at a large garden beside a stream fed by a nearby lagoon. The process can take three to four months at a time. This is cottage industry mostely doing by womean. While these women in cottage industries struggle away to produce mostly rope, mats and brooms for local consumption,

Hand made Coconut coir fiber Hand made Coconut coir fiber
Beating the husk Beating the husk
making of brooms making of brooms

Other method is machine made coir. There are three types of coir extrated by machine and used in products such as floor mats, doormats, brushes, mattresses etc

Mattresed fiber

Mainly used the manufacture of spring mattresses, Bedding and upholstry, packing, drainage filtres, thermal and acoustic insulation etc.

Mattresed fiber process for export Mattresed fiber process for export

Bristle Fiber

Long and strong fibers connonly used in bruch and brooms manufacturing industries.

uncut bristle fiber uncut bristle fiber
cut bristle fiber cut bristle fiber

Machine Twisted Fiber

Machine Twisted Fiber is available in different mixtures such as omatt with bristle fiber.

Machine Twisted Fiber Machine Twisted Fiber

Coir yarn, coir rope, coir twine

Coir twine is generally of two ply, spun from coir fiber by hands as well as with spinning machine. The coir twine is of different grades, qualities based on the tyype of fiber used the nature of twist, diameter etc. These types are made out of bristle fibre (long fibre) or bristle fibre mixed with omatt fibre (short fibre) according to different specification.

coir yarn coir yarn
coir rope coir rope
coir twine coir twine
Rope making by hand Rope making by hand
- -
- -

Door mats (Hand made & Machine made)

Door mats are made out of coir twine or yarn or coir fibre mixed.Door mats are made out of coir fibre using steel springs, especially suitable for winter.

Various design of hand and machine made door mats. Hand and machine made door mats.

Coconut shell charcol

is obtained by carbonizing of raw shells in a supply of air.

Charcoal Briquettes

This product, made out of coconut shell, is especially processed for outdoor and indoor barbeques as well as for domestic heating.

Activated Carbon

The raw material used for the manufacture of activated carbon is coconut shell charcoal. Coconut shell charcoal, unlike wood and coal, is not chemically activated and is therefore ideally suited for use in food processing and the manufacture of medicines. These can be used in various industries for purification.

coconut shell charcoal coconut shell charcoal


Geotextiles, used for soil stabilization, landscaping and erosion control, are environmentally-friendly.

Rubberised Coir Products for Horticultureal and Agricultural Industriy.

Rubberised Coir Mattresses Mixture of coir fibre and latex is steam heated, pressed and vulcanized to produce mattresses.

Inner layers of flower pots, basket liners, support poles for creepers and rubberised coir geotextiles are manufactured by spraying coir fibre with compounded latex.


Coir Pots are made out of coconut husk fibres and bound together by natural latex as bonding agent to produce pots of various sizes.

Coir pots Coir pots

Coco peat products

In the process of extracting fibre from the coconut husk, the residue, which consists mainly of a powdery mixture, is known as coco peat and is used as a substitute for peat moss in Europe.Excellent organic manure and soil conditioner applicable to agricutural crops. Exported in briquettes, blocks, disks or grow bags and forms

Coco peat blocks and bale Coco peat blocks and bale
coco peat briquettes coco peat briquettes

Coconut husk chips

are the cut pices of coconuts husk. They are good bedding ground in a terrarium widely used in horticultura applications.

Husk chip Husk chip
husk chips in block husk chips in block
husk chips in bags husk chips in bags

Coir pole

Coir pole is a plant support and a growing aid manufactured using 100% environment friendly coconut fibres. Widely used in plant nurseries, horticulture farms and indoor and outdoor horticulture d├ęcor

Coir pole Coir pole
plants in coir pols. plants in coir pols.

Decicated Coconut Industries in Sri Lanka

Desiccated coconut, made out of coconut kernel, is used in the confectionery industry.The desiccated coconut (DC) industry is one of the major export oriented food processing industries in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is the birthplace of the DC industry. The DC industry in Sri Lanka consists around 66 factories, which are mostly located in the coconut triangle.

Heat & electricity are the to main energy forms used in Dc mills. There are many wastes produce during the manufacturing process, such as coconut water, coconut shell, etc. They badly affect

Coconut Cream,Milk and milk powder..

100% pure concentrate of coconut kernel without artificial flavours or preservatives is used in curries and desserts.

Coconuts oil and vergin Coconuts oils.

Sri lanka is producing cocnuts oils for human consumption in large scale. Virgin coconut oil is fresh natural premium grade oil pure & free of contaminants. Extremely stable & functional (Not to be confused with generic coconut oil (Copra based) nor with other natural oils.)