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Unawatuna Bay Beach

  Province Southern Province
  District Galle District
  Nearest Town Galle
  Season November to April is best period.

Unawatuna Beach is located just south of Galle, described as most wonderful beach location by the nature the main city in the south and 125km from Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka. This world famous beach of 4km expanse of palm-fringed sand beach is rank amongst the twelve best beaches in the world. This beach is a paradise for all those who yearn to enjoy the silence of the sea and dive deep into the blue waters of the ocean. There is a reef protecting the beach, which makes it perfectly a safe haven for bathing.

Also well famous for Sea Food in Sri Lankan Style.

The Beach takes no back seat to any other in the world. It is a stunning tropical beach. Five km southeast of VOC Galle Dutch Fort of Sri Lanka is Unawatuna, a small (1km), wide & intimate semi circular bay with its picturesque sweep of golden, pristine beach which is terminated by a shining pure white Buddhist stupa (Dagoba) sitting pretty on a green hill. The Beach is enclosed by headland on the other side too. The entire stretch of beach is well sheltered by a sweep of palm-fringed land right behind it. And well protected too: Other major attractions of this southern beach include shallow waters for swimming, and diving. Within its reach there is an accessible, reasonably well-preserved coral reef that serves as the base for snorkelling. For all those who fancy scuba diving, this tropical bay in the south will definitely famous for best scuba diving ; & even for you to learn surfing. The reef shelters more species of fish than the Great Barrier Reef. The reef off the far end of the beach, 150m offshore can be reached from shore & you can even venture into the main waters of the Indian Ocean by traditional twin log like fishing catamaran made solely of timber. Rumasssala, a rocky outcrop projecting into the sea at Unawatuna is connected to the legend of Ramayana. It is believed to be a piece of mountain that was fallen when Lord Hanuman brought the mountain to Sri Lanka in search of a medicinal herb to treat Laxamana-Rama's brother wounded in battle. The serene surroundings and the Dutch architecture add to the charm of the place.


Wreck Dives

Galle seaport, the first landing seaport of the Arabs, the Portuguese, the Dutch & the English being only 5 km away, Unawatuna provides several interesting Wreck Dives too. Lord Nelson, a cargo ship & Rangoon are reachable. Those are only 20-30 minutes away from the beach by boat.

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