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Rekawa Beach

  Province Southern Province
  District Hambanthota District
  Nearest Town Tangalla

Rekawa beach is an unspoiled beach where the turtles have come for many years to lay their eggs. At Rekawa beach, five of the world's seven species of marine turtle come ashore to nest throughout the year.

The beach at Rekawa village, 10km east of Tangalla Bay Beach, is home to one of the most important sea turtle nesting sites in Sri Lanka, visited by five different species which lay their eggs in the sand here every night throughout the year.

The best time to see turtles is between January & April; periods when there's a full moon. Fullish moon too are good throughout the year, because there are both more turtles & more light to see them by. Rekawa has recorded 23 turtles in one night. We will definitely see at least a couple of turtles every night.


Boat trips

The simplest boat trip is a short run up & down the beach in a primitive twin-hulled outrigger sailing canoes called Oruwa in Sinhalese.


PADI courses are available. Dives at around 40 sites, including remote & unspoilt reefs around 9km offshore at depth of 16-20 m teeming with marine life including barracuda (even rare giant barracuda), blue-ringed angels & starfish. There are wreck & deep dives with abundant marine life.

Enjoying local liquor

There are many toddy & arrack (local Real McCoy) taverns in the town. Trips to the arrack distillery, & watch toddy tappers at work are arranged too