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Tangalla Bay Beach

  Province Southern
  District Hambanthota
  Nearest Town

It is a beautiful and natural palm fringed sea bay and a Fishing Harbor offering great sea food. The long and great beach and the corel reef are best attractions. The Dutch Fort built with corals now used as a prison.

The uncrowded small resort of Tangalla, 295km (122 miles) from Colombo, 48km (30km) east of Matara, & roughly midway along the south coast, is one of the most pleasant places in the region for a lazy beach holiday. If you wish a blast with watersports, shops, restaurants & nightlife, Tangalla isn't the place to come; you are on the right beach. Facing east, the small town centre straddles a freshwater lagoon where a small river flows into the sea, with a fishing harbour at its mouth. North of the harbour are villages of Medaketiya & Medilla, To the south, beyond a low headland, is villages of Goyambokka and Pallikaduwa.

The Beach

Tangalle actually encompasses adjoining villages. To the west are the picturesque upmarket villages of Goyambokka & Pallikaduwa. And to the north, along the stretched arc of bay are Medaketiya and Medilla.

Goyambokka & Pallikaduwa Twin Bay Beaches

Made up of a sequence of beautiful rocky caves, the twin bays to the west of Tangalle town in Goyambokka & Pallikaduwa are picturesque upmarket villages in sharp contrast with the flatter coastline to the north. Some guesthouses, located on the hillsides with spectacular sea views, have their own private access to individual beaches of rich sand.

The village of Goyambokka, which sits atop the area's loveliest stretch of coast, with a superb rocky promontory flanked by two gorgeous beaches-that to the west of the headland, popularly known as Silent Beach, is an absolute picture.


The bay, just on the town side of the Tangalla Bay Hotel, is probably the most sheltered spot. Next to Tangalla Bay, right beside the Rest House is a tiny bay with a roped-off swimming area that is shallow & generally calm.


A series of spotless cabanas within an area of land flanked by the lagoon.


The safest place for swimming is in Medaketiya, where most of the budget accommodation is located along a beach road lined with guest houses. From here, in the shelter of over hanging palms is an ideal stretch beach for relaxation with a fine view of the harbour, many fishing boats & shimmering sea.

Tangalle Beach for kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing & sailing.