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Weligama Bay Beach

  Province Southern
  District Matara
  Nearest Town Weligama
  Season November to April

Weligama is a unique Bay and Beach with a wide and long sandy beach. The Bay is famous for its remarkable fishermen doing stilt fishing, who standing on stilts closer to the beach wait patiently for their catch; look out for curd and treacle, which are in plenty here. and hand made lase, Devil Dance Shows and its seafood

23km east of Unawatuna Bay Beach, the fishing town of Weligama (meaning sandy Village in Sinhalese) meanders around a broad & beautiful bay, dotted with rocky outcrops & fringed with fine golden sand. As you enter the charming small town of Weligama from Unawatuna, the road splits with one branch running along the coast, & the other running parallel through the town centre. Weligama is quiet yet attractive. A clutter of shops at the center trails off into lush streets of pretty gingerbread villas decorated with ornate wooden fretworks, peeking out from dense, green tropical gardens.

Taprobane island

The bay's most prominent feature is the minuscule island of Taprobane, just offshore, virtually invisible under a thick covering of luxuriant trees. The island is known locally as Yakinnige duwa (She-devil's island) floats mysteriously on the gentle waters of the bay, looking as though it could up its anchor & skim off over the horizon if it felt so inclined. You can easily wade out at low tide.

The island was owned during the 1930s by the exiled French Count de Maunay, who built the exquisite white villa that still stands, its red tiled roof poking up through the streets; It looks like an ideal artist's or writers' retreat, which indeed it once was: novelist Paul Bowles wrote The Spider's House here in the 1950s.


Weligama is famous for its lacework & stall are located on the main road along the

Snake Farm

About 14km from Weligama on the Akuressa Road, which has around fifteen different kinds of snake, including some enormous pythons, as well as some nasty-looking spiders.

Weligama is also a wonderful Scuba Diving and Surfing Location.