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Cave Temples in Sri Lanka

Hulannuga Caves

  Province Eastern
  District Ampara
  Nearest Town  

The caves on top of the hill and on slopes are amazing creations of nature. There are numerous caves here with and without drip ledges. Among them the most amazing is the cave in the second circle, perhaps the largest cave in Sri Lanka. This cave 512ft long, 30ft broad and 82ft high at the highest point with interior in eight levels has a drip ledge cut right along. The shrine room cave situated near the entrance is 175ft long, 31ft broad and 35ft high & houses a 41foot reclining Buddha statue. The Buddha statue is considerably damaged by treasure hunters.

At the water's edge of this Karandewewa tank is an ancient dagoba. Next to the cultivated land below the tank is the village. Herein too, as in all over the island, once again, the ancient concept of the triple focal points of the village, tank, temple & dagoba has come into prominence.


Cave arts in Hulannuge: It’s hermitage Hulannuga Tharu Lengala in Panampaththuwa. There was a Lord Buddha stature in the cave and it’s identifying as 2nd Lord Buddha stature in Sri Lanka and aborigines paints also there. Paints were near the sacred foot of