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Cave Temples in Sri Lanka

Kudimbigala Cave Complex

  Province Eastern
  District Ampara
  Nearest Town Pottuvil
  Period 246 BC
  Ruler King Devanampiyatissa

Kudumbigala monastic Cave complex was built in 246 BC, during the time of King Devanampiyatissa. It was first established as a refuge for the Buddhist monks who wanted to get away from the busy Cities. Archaeologists had recovered over 200 rock caves belonging to this forgotten monastery

A stone inscription has it that the Maha Sudharshana Lena was built and gifted to the Arahats by the Giant Warrior Nandimitra, one of King Dutugemunu’s "Dasa Maha Yodayas", the ten giant warriors. The importance of the Kudumbigala monastery cannot be expressed in words.

Kudumbigala Monastery lies eleven miles from Panama and seventeen miles away from the Kumana Village the Birds paradies.. There are many wildlife in the area.