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Cave Temples in Sri Lanka

Sthripura Cave

  Province Uva
  District Badulla
  Nearest Town Kiriwanagama
  Period 1187 -1196 AD
  Ruler King Nissankamalla

The Sthripura Cave consists of a series of three caves, located at Kiriwanagama about 16 km from Welimada (55 Km from Belihuloya).  According to the legend, King Rawana of Sri Lanka use the caves to hide the beautiful princess Sita, whom he abducted after defeating her husband, Prince Rama of India.


Situated in the middle of the Batathota forest is the most interesting cave system. Although it looks like a cave straight out of a ghost story, the myths and legends behind the Sthripura cave and the journey towards it, make the cave one of the most interesting caves of all. The story of yore is that a minister of King Nissankamalla, who was ordered to oversee the construction of the Batathota cave temple, imprisoned his concubines there during his stay at Batathota. However, one young local princess called Rathnamali, who was forced into Sthripura, refused to give up her old lover and had to pay with her life at the entrance to the cave. It is said that the angry souls of the two young lovers haunt the cave. The villagers report seeing a female form standing at the entrance to the cave.