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Cave Temples in Sri Lanka

Koskandavila Cave Temple

  Province Western
  District Gampaha
  Nearest Town Yakkala
  Period Unknown
  Ruler Unknown

Koskadavila temple has easy access from Colombo Kandy main road. Take a turn from the Yakkala Junction to Kiridiwela road. If you are coming from Colombo, this will be in your right hand side. From the Junction you have to go 4-5 km and the temple will be in your right hand side. You can ask the directions from the villagers, that is the most easiest way to find. When you are coming from Yakkala junction to to Kosakadavila, you will find a Y Junction and you have to take the left route. If you take the right route, you can reach Pilikuththuwa and then Maligathenna. If you are planing to go to Varana, You have to pass Koskadavila and proceed along the Kiridiwela road.