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Cave Temples in Sri Lanka

Bambaragala Aranna

  Province Central
  District Kandy
  Nearest Town Theldeniya
  Period 1747-1782 AD
  Ruler King Kirthi Sri Rajasingha

During the reign of King Kirthi Sri Rajasingha, (1747-1782 AD) of the Kandyan period, Bambaragala Aranna was built, the ruins of which are still to be seen. A Thamba Sannasa (royal edicts written on copper plates) says that the surrounding lands had been gifted by the king of the time to the Bambaragala Rock Temple. The mural paintings adorning the walls of the temple depict fascinating episodes of Jataka stories, combined with cultural and Buddhistic motifs. Their value lies not only in their beauty but also in their worth as a historical record. The old roadway to the temple via Henagahuwela was submerged by the waters of the Victoria reservoir and now access to the temple is through Tennekumbura, on the main Mahiyangane road leading to the Victoria dam site.