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Cave Temples in Sri Lanka

Hendeniya Cave Temple

  Province Central
  District Kandy
  Nearest Town Theldeniya
  Period 11357-1374 AD
  Ruler King Wickremabahu III

Situated in Udu Nuwara is the rock cave temple called "Hendeniya Vihara." Also called "Galgane Vihara" it lays along the Kandy-Daulagala Road, (via Peradeniya) about 12 km from Kandy. Local traditions say that this Len Vihara (cave temple) was built at the request of Henekanda Biso Bandara (consort of King Wickremabahu III) of the Gampola period (1357-1374), and served as her resting place when she visited Lankatilake Vihara and Embekke Devale in the vicinity.

  1. Unique stone carvings
  2. Makara Thorana motifs
  3. Moon stone
  4. Other priceless treasures
  5. New image house
  6. Bo Tree also situated in the same premises