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Cave Temples in Sri Lanka

Dorawaka Lena Cave

  Province Sabaragamuwa
  District Kegalle
  Nearest Town Kegalle
  Period 5,300 BC
  Ruler Unknown

Geometric Microlithic industry & pottery The transition from the Mesolithic Balangoda Culture to the protohistoric early Iron Age has not been adequately documented in Sri Lanka. The relevant deposits have been destroyed due to the extraction of fertilizer from prehistoric cave habitations. Recent excavations in the cave of Dorawaka-Kanda near Kegalle could resolve this problem. According to the excavator, W.H. Wijayapala, there are indications at this site of pottery (together with stone stools) being used as early as 6300. By this time, Dorawaka - Lena shelter had proved a geometric microlithic industry. It also proved a cereal and a crude red pottery by 5,300 BC, and Black and Red Ware by 3,100 BC.