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Cave Temples in Sri Lanka

Kele Dambulla Cave Temple

  Province North west
  District Kurunagala
  Nearest Town Rabukkana
  Period Unknown
  Ruler Unknown

The site is popular with pilgrims. The site can be reached by travelling about 8 kms on the road from Rambukkana to Kurunegala..


It is believed that due to its association with King Walagamba this place has been named Dambulla, locally better known as Kele-dambulla. It is also believed that this site has served as a security frontier during ancient times. The ancient rock cave temple has to be reached by climbing 2 steep flights of steps. The tediousness of the climb is eased by the beautiful surroundings with their canopy of rubber trees. At the time we climbed the leaves were tender young and lime green - and it was a very enchanting atmosphere with the sun streaking whenever possible and dappling the hill side.