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Cave Temples in Sri Lanka

Batatotalena Cave

  Province Sabaragamuwa
  District Ratnapura
  Nearest Town Sudagala
  Period Unknown
  Ruler Unknown

Batatotalena Cave is situated at Sudagala, about 5 km away from Kuruwita (85km from Colombo. In order to reach it, one has to walk about 400m from Sudagala to the base and then climb a further 50m to enter. It measures about 50ft in height, 60ft in width and 80ft in length. As an extra point of interest, about 30m from Batatotalena it is an underground cave, partly submerged in a stream. To reach this, one has to swim about 20m.


Although it has not been proved, Buddhist literature suggests that the cave is the sacred `Diva Guhawa` where the Lord Buddha rested on his way back from Sri Pada. However, concrete archaeological findings have proved that Batatotalena dates back over 25,000 years and has been used as a dwelling place during many historical eras. For example, various skeletal remains, ancient paintings, a Buddhist shrine room and a `Devalaya` belonging to the Kandyan era have been excavated, whilst findings of ceramic tile and glass particles prove that it was also used as a dwelling during the Dutch era. Even at present, a Buddhist priest Resides there.