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Clture and Religion

Chariot Path & Sita Tear Pond



The summit of the mountain next to the mountain range overlooking Frotoft Estate in Pussallawa (The Jungle on the Top of Ramboda Hills) is the place where Lord Hanuman first set his foot on mainland Lanka. This mountain known as Pawala Malai is visible from this mountain range. These hills stand tall in-between King Ravana's capital city and Ashoka Vatika.The barren land atop themountain range is believed to be the route in which King Ravana took Sitadevi from his capital city Lankapura to Ashoka Vatika, which was a paradise on earth. Till date no vegetation grows on this passage except grass. King Ravana is believed to have taken this passage on top of these hills to show Sitadevi the beauty of his kingdom.