Clture and Religion



Welimada Road- Nuwara Eliya

This is the place where Sitadevi underwent “Agni” test. Sita reached her husband. Meeting him after such a long time, she was overcome by joyous emotion. But Lord Rama appeared to be lost in thought. At lenth he spoke “I have killed my enemy. I have done my duty as a true king. But you have lived for a year in the enemy’s abode. It si not proper that I should take you back now.” Sitadevi was shocked. It is my fault that the monster carries me off by force? All the time, my mind, my heart, and soul were fixed on you and you alone, my lord!” she said and turned to Lukshman and said with tears streaming from her eyes, “Prepare for me a fire that is the only remedy for this sorrow of mind.” Lakshman in suppressed anger, looked at Lord Rama’s face, but saw no sign of softening. He lighted a big fire. Sitadevi reverently went round her husband and approached the blazing fire. Joining her palms in salutation, she said, “If I am pure, O fire, protect me.” With these words she jumped into the flames, to the horror of the monkeys who stood on all sides watching the tragic sight. Then arose from out of the flame Agni, the fire-god, whom she had invoked. He lifted Sitadevi from the flames unharmed, and presented her to Lord Rama. “Don’t I know that she is spotless and pure at heart?” cried Lord Rama, standing up to receive her. “It is for the sake of the world that I made her go through this ordeal of fire, so that the truth may be known to all.