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Sita Eliya


Nuwara Elly

Sita Eliya is a village in Sri Lanka. It is located within Central Province. In the Ramayana, Sita was held captive in the Ashoka Vana (forest) and this place is the present Sita Eliya in Sri Lanka. There are a large number of Ashoka trees at Sita Eliya and around 100 years ago three idols including that of Sita was excavated from here and it can be found in a small temple on the riverbank here. Some of the other interesting finds here are the stream used by Sita and a rock on which Sita sat and meditated. Today, there are two modern temples here one dedicated to Sita and another dedicated to Hanuman. The Sita Eliya is temple where the Monkey General is supposed to have placed by his foot. The temple is a very colorful and vibrant one located over a rushing stream which seemed pretty small.