Clture and Religion

Sitha Kottuwa



Sitha Kotuwa is situated in Gurulupotha, Hasalaka.( It is believed that there was an aircraft repair center in the capital city of King Ravana. In Valmiki’s depiction King Ravana’s Vimana resembled a huge peacock. The Vimana in Singhala language means Dandu Monara which is known as flying peacock, and hence the name Gurulupotha, which means parts of bird.) This place connected to Ramayana the holy Hindu book. It says Sitadevi was kept in queen Mandothari’s palace until she was moved to Sita Kotua and then on to Ashoka Vatika. The remains in the Sitha Kotuwa are found are the remnants of later civilizations. This place is now called Sita Kotuwa which means ‘Sita's Fort’ and got its name because of Sitadevi's stay here. Also here has very attractive limestone creations with a waterfall and a cave.