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Badulla District

The district is bounded by the districts of Monaragala and Rathnapura on the East & South, by Ampara and Kandy districts on the North and by Nuwara Eliya and Rathnapura on the West. Mainly the economy of the district is based on agricultural farming and livestock.

Badulla District is an agricultural district where tea, vegetable and paddy are cultivated. Mainly the district is divided in to two portions as Upper region and Lower region according to climatic and geographical characteristics. Upper division of the district is famous for tea plantation and vegetable cultivation while lower division is famous for paddy cultivation.

  Province Uva
  Total Area 2,861 kmĀ²
  Total Population 779,983
  Density 276 km2
Ethnicity Population % Of Total
Sinhalese 564,752 (72.4%)
Sri Lankan Tamils 29,542 (3.8%)
Sri Lankan Moors 38,798 (5.0%)
Indian Tamils 143,535 (18.4%)
Other (including Burgher, Malay) 3356 0.4%
Total 779,983 100.0%

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