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Monaragala District

  Province Uva
  Total Area 5,639 km2
  Total Population 397,375
  Density 72/km2
Ethnicity Population % Of Total
Sinhalese 375,691 94.5%
Sri Lankan Tamils 5,754 1.4%
Sri Lankan Moors 7,800 2.1%
Indian Tamils 7,493 1.9%
Other (including Burgher, Malay) 637 0.1%
Total 397,375 100.0%

Moneragala is a district in Uva Province of Sri Lanka. It is the largest of the 25 districts of Sri Lanka, with an area of 7,133 km². Monaragala, meaning the ‘rock of peacock landing’ is a district in Uva Province, Sri Lanka. Moneragala district is mainly made up of rubber, cocoa and sugar cane plantations and paddy lands. The valley is mostly dry. The townships are located in the flat land. The main occupation of those who live here is farming. Cultivation of land is linked to the monsoon. The savanna like plain has its share of wildlife such as elephants, peacock, fox, buffalo, deer and elk.

There are IMPORTANT places to visit in Monaragala and all bare ancient cultural values. Maligawila, Udhaganawa, Dematamal Viharaya are not far form the town center and have huge cultural values for Sri Lankans. There are two vast waterfalls about 50 miles away from Monaragala which you can visit on your way.

Important Places

Cave Temple

Conservation site