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Founa in Sri Lanka

Belontia signata

  Order Perciformes
  Family Osphronemidae
  Genus Belontia
  Species B signata
  Binomial name Belontia signata
  Local Name Ceylonese combtail
  Status Endemic

The combtail (Belontia signata) is a species of fish in the Belontiidae family. It is endemic to Sri Lanka. While the Combtail (or Combtail Gourami) is sometimes found in fish shops, it does not make a good pet unless kept by itself. In a community tank it will bully other fish, and may injure or kill them. The Combtail, as well as the usual gills, has a Labyrinth, or rudimentary lung-like organ which enables it to survive in poorly oxygenated water, or even out of water, for considerable periods of time. Combtails can often be observed taking gaseous air from the surface of their tank to replenish their labyrinth. They will eat almost any food presented to them including maggots, bloodworms, flake, pellet and vegetable foods.Thalkossa.