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Founa in Sri Lanka

Channa marulius

  Order Perciformes
  Family Channidae
  Genus Channa
  Species C marulius
  Binomial name Channa marulius
  Local Name Great snakehead (Ara)
  Status native
  Conservation status

The bullseye snakehead or great snakehead (Channa marulius) is native to South Asia but has been introduced to the United States. In South India it is commonly found in reservours. It is found in Pechpparai, Chittar, Manimuthar, Bhvani and Mettur dams of Tamil Nadu Thenmalai, Neyyar and Idukki dams of kerala. C. marlius is commonly known as giant murrel. It is a faster growing fish than most of the other species of the genus. It is a carnivorous species. It is marketed live and fetches high prices in the market. The flesh has high nutritive value and its flesh is said to have wound healing effect and recuperative attributes. It is highly suitable for intensive culture due to its air breathing habit. It is an invasive species in the United States.