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Founa in Sri Lanka

Puntius vittatus

  Order Cypriniformes
  Family Cyprinidae
  Genus Puntius
  Species P vittatus
  Binomial name Puntius vittatus
  Local Name Greenstripe barb (Podi pethiya)
  Status native
  Conservation status

The Greenstripe Barb, Puntius vittatus, is a tropical freshwater and brackish fish belonging to the Cyprininae subfamily of the Cyprinidae family. It originates in inland waters in Asia, and is found in Pakistan, India, and Sri Lanka. Sometimes it is called Silver Barb (but that properly refers to Barbus choloensis) or Striped Barb (which is P. johorensis, formerly known as P. eugrammus). The greenstripe barb is an open water, substrate egg-scatterer, and adults do not guard the eggs.