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Founa in Sri Lanka

Sillago sihama

  Order Perciformes
  Family Sillaginidae
  Genus Sillago
  Species S sihama
  Binomial name Sillago sihama
  Local Name Northern whiting (Kalanda)
  Status native
  Conservation status

The northern whiting, Sillago sihama (also known as the silver whiting and sand smelt), is a marine fish, the most widespread and abundant member of the smelt-whiting family Sillaginidae. The northern whiting was the first species of sillaginid scientifically described and is therefore the type species of both the family Sillaginidae and the genus Sillago. The species is distributed in the Indo-Pacific region from South Africa in the west to Japan and Indonesia in the east, also becoming an invasive species to the Mediterranean through the Suez Canal. The northern whiting inhabits coastal areas to 60 m, but is most often found in shallow water around bays and estuaries, often entering freshwater. It is a carnivore, taking a variety of polychaetes and crustaceans. The species is of major economic importance throughout the Indo-Pacific, being the most frequently taken sillaginid by seine nets and cast nets and marketed fresh.