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Founa in Sri Lanka

Stiphodon martenstyni

  Order Perciformes
  Family Gobiidae
  Genus Stiphodon
  Species S martenstyni
  Binomial name Stiphodon martenstyni
  Local Name
  Status native
  Conservation status

Stiphodon is a genus of amphidromous freshwater gobies. They inhabit swift, clear streams close to the sea and are found in large parts of Asia and Oceania. Many of the 30 currently recognized species have extremely restricted distributions on single islands or even single streams. the fish are common around Japan, Samoa, Cook Island and the Philippines.

These are small gobies with bodies squarish in cross section. A female of Stiphodon aureorostrum (described in 2005) with a standard length of 60.3 mm is the largest Stiphodon individual on record Stiphodon martenstyni Watson, 1998