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Puttalam Lagoon

  Province North Western
  District Puttalam
  Nearest Town Puttalam
  Primary inflows Kala Oya Mi Oya
  Primary outflows Indian Ocean
  Surface area 327 square kilometers
  Max. depth 5 meters


The Puttalam Lagoon is a large 327 km2 (126 sq mi) lagoon in the Puttalam District, western Sri Lanka. The lagoon is fed by two rivers, namely the Kala Oya and Mi Oya, discharging at 2.2 m3/s (77.7 cu ft/s) and 8.1 m3/s (286.0 cu ft/s) respectively. It is linked to Mundal Lagoon 15 km (9.3 mi) to the south by a channel. The lagoon's water is brackish to saline. The lagoon is surrounded by a region containing coconuts, open forests, grasslands and shrublands. The land is used for prawn fishing, salt production, and rice cultivation. The lagoon has extensive mangroves, seagrasses and some salt marshes, attracting a wide variety of anatidae. Max. length 28 km (17 mi)