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Arumuga navalar Museum

  Province Northern
  District Jaffna
  Nearest Town Jaffna
  Museum type Archaeological
  Established in 1978
  Holidays Tuesdays and every public Holidays
  Visiting Hours 9.00am to 5.00 pm
  Display Objects

Arumuganavalar Museum is includes srilankan archaeology research evidence.


• Arumuganavalar Museum is one of the archaeological museums.

• It includes more news and research results about srilankan archaeological research.

Arumuka Navalar was the first revivalist of native traditions in Sri Lanka. He along with others like him were responsible for reviving and reforming native traditions and religions such as Hinduism that had come under long period of dormancy and attack during the previous 400 years of colonial rule by various European powers. He was influential in creating a period of intense religious transformation amongst Tamils in India and Sri Lanka. He is regarded as the father of modern Tamil prose, a defender of Saivism (a sect of Hinduism) against Christian missionary activity and the first to use the modern printing press to preserve the Tamil literary tradition. He also attempted to reform Saivism itself. He has been also criticized for the limits of his reforms because his reforms appeared to favor the elite castes

Born : Kandar Arumugam Pillai December 18, 822 Nallur, Jaffna District, Sri Lanka

Died : December 5, 1879 Jaffna, Sri Lanka Cause of death General illness

Nationality : Sri Lankan

Education : Tamil Pandithar

Known for : Hindu reformer

Religion : Hindu (Saiva)

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