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Jaffna Archaeological Museum

  Province Northern
  District Jaffna
  Nearest Town Jaffna
  Museum type Archaeological
  Established in -
  Holidays Tuesday
  Visiting Hours 8.30 AM to 4.30
  Display Objects

The Jaffna Archaeological Museum displays many Sinhala and Tamil antiques.A Buddha statue,Bodhisaththva statue,a stone scripture and some coins of the 1st and 2nd centuries found in Kantharodai Archaeological Site and upper part of a Buddha statue found in Nilavarai are kept at Jaffna museum.little Archaeological Museum situated


• Jaffna had an interesting little Archaeological Museum on Main St, near the old rest house, which is worth looking for.

• Moat of its Hindu kovils (temples) date from the British era. Their architecture is generally typical of the south Indian Dravidian style, The most spectacular car or juggernaut festival is traditionally held from the Kandaswamy Kovil on Point Pedro Rd in the Nallur district of the city during July or August. The original Kandaswamy Kovil, torn down by the Portuguese, has been variously described as dating from the 15th, 10th or even an earlier century. Its successor is topped by a typically Dravidian gopuram, the tall 'entrance tower' alive with a technicoloured Disneyland of Hindu characters. Other important kovils are generally outside the city limits.

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