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The Tea Museum

  Province Central
  District Kandy
  Nearest Town Kandy
  Museum type National Museums
  Established in 1832
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  Display Objects

There are available all machineries, tools and other equipments which were used for the processed and produced of tea and modernized alerted machineries from the begins to date also diplayed.


The Sri Lankan Tea Museum is located in Hantane, Kandy. Consisting of four floors this museum traces the more than 130-years old history of the first tea plant brought by the English Gentleman, James Taylor. The ground and the second floor exhibit an amazing collection of age-old tea machinery. In its well designed wooden interior you can also find a library and an auditorium for audiovisual presentations. On the third floor there are tea sales outlets where you can purchase some of the finest Ceylon Tea. On the fourth floor there is a restaurant and a telescope offering you a fantastic view over the famous Knuckles Mountain Range.

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