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Sigiriya Museum

  Province North Central
  District Polonnaruwa
  Nearest Town Sigiriya
  Museum type Archaeological
  Established in 28 July 2009
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It is an informative repository of the Sri Lankan literature, architecture, sculpture and painting. The museum displays the furnace used to melt iron during the Anuradhapura era and a valuable earring found in Sigiriya. Preserved in the museum are also Rare artifacts found in Dambulla, Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa.


Sigiriya has long stood as testimony of the genius of ancient Sri Lankan civilisation. Built in the 5th century AD, it is both a monument of architectural ingenuity and historical worth. In meeting the long-felt need for an archeological museum at Sigiriya, much had to be considered, for the building had to be worthy of this international heritage site. Archt Chandana Ellepola describes how he met this challenge to create what has been hailed today as South Asia’s most attractive museum.

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