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Namal Uyana

  Province North Centrel
  District Anuradapura
  Nearest Town Kakirawa
  Area 12.140 km2
  Period 250-210 BC
  Ruler king Devanampiyathissa

Jathika Namal Uyana revealed 15 years ago, which has become the first NA Forest is the most popular sacred place among the people in Sri Lanka which has a great history during the era of king Devanampiyathissa in Anuradhapura. Ancient statues added with historical values are near by Jathika Namal Uyana pink quartz mountain. Ruins of buildings, Bodhigara, Stupas, inscriptions further can be seen here. 60acres of forest has been apportioned as an ancient area.

The Ranawa village can be remembered as the starting place of Jathika Namal Uyana and the history of Jathika Namal Uyana commenced during the period starting from king Devanampiyathissa and ending with king IV Dappula. The inscription that is called Andiyagala was from by king IV Dappula. This epigraph proves the history of this unique place.

Further the king IV Kashyapa has built huts in Rathmalagala Viharaya and it is a credible achievement by this area that the king IV Dappula made the Viharaya,

Also called Rathdematamal pirivena, later viharaya was ruined in Namal Uyana. Except other kings who ruled this area, King Maha Vijayabahu the 8th (B.C). took the initiative to promote Jathika Namal Uyna as a religious place which is having a botanical garden and a marvelous natural forest.

The "Jathika Namal Uyana" is "the largest Na-forest and pink quartz mountain in Asia". This unrevealed unique natural heaven has been brought forward to the attention of the world almost 15 years before, by the "Ven. Wanawasi Rahula Thero". The Namal Uyana which is spectacular and attractive with its exceptional natural depths has a history of more than one thousand years.

According to archeological researcher’s findings, the pink quartz in this historical place has a history of more than 550 millions of years. This unique place "Jathika Namal Uyana" is situated 7kms from Madatugama junction of Colombo - Anuradhapura highway. Towards the road leading to Adiyagala. at Galkiriyagama in Sri Lanka. This place is oriented with a variety of important values, such as, historical, geographical, artistic and blessed with abundant natural resources. This revealed forest has now become a focal attraction for the tourists all over the world, varying from environmentalists, journalists, artists and researchers for the last 15 years.


01. Purana Namal Seya.

The main places for observation in this temple are Stupa (pagoda), Bodiya, and Buddha statue. Three types of Stupas have been built to watch the monarchism of monks in the Namal Uyana. The ruins of which have been covered by sand ……look…………..All these places has been built by Wanavasi Rahula Thero. These holy objects, Purana Namal Seya which is situated under the pink Quartz mountain near by a wonderful water fall, has been build on the square compound attracts each and every people who visits this ancient place.

02. Bodhigaraya.

A ruin of square bodigaraya can be seen East side of the Namal Seya. The wall of this has been decorated by pink quartz stones and there are four entrances to visit. A stone saddle also is there for rituals. It’s a special feature that the Bodigaraya is a place which creates a fascination without any decorations which are artificial.

03. Pilimageya.

Pilimageya is also a noticeable ancient place ruined in the past. The Pilimageya which is having two entrances on the both Eastern & Western sides is surrounded by a wall which has been made from polished stones. 4 square stone towers are also inside the Pilimageya, which brings light to the longest history of Jathika NamalUyana.

04. Awasageya.

Much kind of Cottages are spread out throughout the forest. Ruins of old monastery can be seen at the central point and you can feel the holiness is still there. The Foundation of Awasageya is made by pink Quartz stones and appearance of Awasageya gives us many thoughts about the past.

05. Simamalakaya.

The place where monks perform Vinayakarma which is called Simamalakaya, one of the wonderful Simamalaka can also be seen on the East side of the Namal Uyana.

06. Padhanagara. 07. Galphana. 08. Galpathraya.

09. Asanagaraya. 10. Sakman Maluwa. 11. Pabbatha Viharaya

12 Divined Natural Water:

Natural water with its complete purity is another blessing of this forest. The water flows derives from pink quarts and divert into 3 directions inside the forest. When you pass through the entrance of this divined land you will see a small, but miraculous waterfall (which is aged more than 1000 years) flowing into a “Pathra” (Singhaleese word) a type of water drinking cup, traditional with a different shape made in clay used by ancient Buddhist monks, and the water fills the cup overflows and diverts to one of the 3 directions mentioned earlier. But when the water flows from a reasonable height, the water will be vapoured (absorbed by air). But, here you can find this water start flowing one kilometer away in a place called Urankotte. This water is a blessing to the nearby village farmers who rely completely on an income from paddy field and other agricultural products to support their families. Again the flow of water continues to another village Maulpathagama Mahaindigalla area (Ulpatha).