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Demodara Loop

  Province Uva
  District Badulla
  Nearest Town Demodara
  Area -
  Period British Period
  Ruler -

At Demodara the surveyors discovered that the elevation of the hills was too great for the track to negotiate. With the maximum inclination allowed in railways at that time being one foot per 44 feet, an innovative track design had to be devised. Situated 172 miles from Colombo, Demodara has joined railway legend for its fascinating loop. It is said when surveyors were in a conundrum to proceed beyond Demodara, a local farmer suggested to the experts to build the track similar to the way his turban was tied. Thus the idea to build alooping track was suggested as a solution to the problem. After several years of construction, the track was finally commissioned in 1921 when the first train arrived at Demodara.

Picture is displaying loop entrance twords to Baddula.

The main railway line travelling from Colombo fort to Badulla does an interesting loop at Demodara. Demodara is a small village, 171.3 miles from Colombo in the Uva Province, just 8 miles to the city of Badulla, the terminus of up country railway. As the elevation gain was higher than what is the normal standard for the tracks to be laid, the engineers mimicked the design of a turban. Thus was born the Demodara Loop formed through a tunnel under the Demodara railway station which winds around the mountain taking the track higher on it with tunnel running under it. The design of the track is called "Looping the loop"