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The Mystery Ussangoda

  Province Southern
  District Hambantota
  Nearest Town Ambalanthota
  Area -
  Period -
  Ruler -

On the great Southern road just before you reach Ambalanthota the name board Ussangoda will no doubt attract your attention. The road turns seawards and after a few minutes drive and a climb uphill you reach a peculiar landscape shrouded in mystery and yet to be properly explored.

The landscape that greets you is weird and wonderful. The vast land that extends on all sides has hardly any tall trees and is covered by a short grass or moss. In some places well defined circular islands of vegetation can be seen But these do not include any tall trees. The earth is of a dark red colour, giving the landscape a Martian look and the area is popularly believed to be bestowed with strange and mystical powers. Many are the legends and stories told of it.

It is believed by some that anciently a meteoroid had fallen here, which explains the barren nature of the soil and the peculiar vegetation growth patterns.

According to a man living in the vicinity this peculiar land attracts many small wild animals and a variety of birds and is also a refuge for rare medicinal plants

From here a track also leads to the sea coast and suddenly you find yourself standing at the edge of a cliff of red earth looking down over miles of beach and the sea with its deep turquoise waters, boisterous blue waves and frothy white foam. A charming picture of freedom that is nature at its best.