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Pitawala Pathana- Knuckles Range

  Province Central
  District Nuwara Eliya
  Nearest Town Nuwara Eliya
  Area -
  Period -
  Ruler -

Pitawala Pathana is unique grassland of pathana type found in the Knuckles Conservation Forest; Sri Lanka. This patana has a great ecological value.

This place is an isolated place with very beautiful sceneries of mountain tops. Tourists must be accompanied with a very good guide. Not many people know about this place. This place is very cold, unpolluted, resident free place. This place is easily covered by fog since it is a mountain top.

In Pitawala Pathana a grass cover spreads over an area of about 10 ha of a gently sloping rock slab covered with just a thin soil layer. The turf grass of about 10 cm in height gives a velvety appearance to this sloping expanse of grassland. Isolated and scattered trees and shrubs could be seen. Many endemic plant and animal species are found.

Pitawela Pathana is in itself a very nice and wonderful place to visit. A high plateau in the mountains, with quite a variation in the vegetation too. At the end of Pitawala Pathana in Knuckles Mountain Range you can find well known Mini World’s End. It is a right edged cliff formed by nature drops 300 m down. You might look at an amazing scene that opens up once you reach the cliff’s edge, if there is no mist at the time