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Kaudulla Wewa

  Province North Centrel
  District Polonnaruwa
  Nearest Town Polonnaruwa
  Area 89.6 km2
  Period 274 – 301 AD
  Ruler King Mahasen

King Mahasena (274-301 A.D.) is credited with constructing the 'Kawdulla Wewa' which is a man made reservoir. The water spread area is approximately 6400 acres(128.39mcm) and has a capacity of 104,000 acre feet. It’s almost 6 miles or 9235 Metres long embankment (bund) is said to be one of the longest in this country hight of dam is 17m. Kawudulla Wewa, also identified as the “Thissawaddamana Vapi” or “Ranthisa Wewa” was constructed by King Mahasena. Chronicles state that both King Vijayabahu (1055-1110) and King Parakramabahu the (1153-1186) respectively did rehabilitation work on the tank which was formed by a builging a bund across Kaudulu Oya.

It receives water along the Elahera-Kantale Giant Canal which beings at Elahera Anicut on Amban Ganga, built by King Vasabha.

Gal Oya and Aluth Oya are two natural water resorvoirs located in Kaudulla Wewa.