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Introduction of Agro Tourisam

The agrotourism concept is a direct expansion of ecotourism and In recent times there has been a tremendous increase in the interest surrounding the concept of agro tourism, which encourages visitors to experience agricultural life at first hand, and helps sustain traditional, environmentally non-destructive agricultural practices. Sri Lanka’s complex paddy cultivation systems, huge ancient irrigational tanks and many tea, rubber and Coconut plantations are examples of its diverse agricultural developments and agro tourism will be catering to a special market of agro tourists. Sri Lanka’s widespread agriculture expereance, joined with the natural hospitality of the rural peoples, offers a divers selection of agriculture based tourisam activities such as Tappers climbing coconuts trees and tapping coconut flowers for sap, crossing on the dangers high rope courses to the more relaxing options for the same purpose, two tender shoots plucking by the nimble fingers of the tea pluckers to baskets on their back, or tapping rubber trees for whit milky, or you can experience a phase of the 2500 year tradition of paddy farming, from sowing seeds in the muddy fields to harvesting and threshing the paddy along with the villagers. Why not make your next holiday an Agro tourisam one? You would like to fully immnerse yourself in village life. Select the best green properties in Sri Lanka for your next holiday.

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