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Environment Friendly Tours

World's resources are dwindling and being polluted by the minute beyond recovery. Eco tourism had made it possible to meet the challenge of transporting millions of tourists to their destinations while maintaining the pleasure without harming the existence of the destinations. Sri Lanka is in the forefront of this endeavour.

Sri Lanka contains many different landscape types with great biological, geophysical and cultural richness, and thus they constitute a common heritage, which should be preserved for present and future generations. Sri Lanka has taken action of multilateral Eco strategies for environmentally friendly tourism development in order to harmonies activities aiming at sustainable use and the preservation of the natural beauty and biodiversity of the country.

The country has wide and vibrant source for environment friendly tourism and this Eco Paradise is well known to tourists for its coastal tropical beach resorts, the fascinating environment tourism attractions of nature parks, rain forests, vast lakes, reservoirs, protected wild life and the greenish hill country with its waterfalls, tea estates, Coconuts and plenty of green paddy fields and year-round cool weather attracting more and more tourist to Sri Lanka.

Ecotourism involves visiting natural areas with the objectives of learning, studying or participating in activities that do not bring negative effects to the environment; whilst protecting and empowering the local community socially and economically."

We, Sri Salike as a dedicated Travel and Tours operator we organize many variety of E-co Tours under the specialized nature of E-co tours as:-