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Nature Based Tourism

A more generic term for any activity or travel experience with a focus on nature. Sri Lanka is a green and fertile land of natural beauty with a tropical climate. Bio diversity the essence of Nature based tourist destination is greater per square kilometer than any other country in Asia. This is unque paradise of Nature.

Sri Lanka's tropical rain forest ecosystem is considered as an area which is disturbed by human activity, but still exceptionally rich in animal and plant species found nowhere else Sri Lanka is a country blessed by nature. Though it is a island, a mere dot on the world map, it is filled with a wide variety of beautiful and ecologically important natural habitants.We facilitate to our guests and are encourage to explore the unique eco-system of-:

  • The mangrove habitat and the numerous indigenous aquatic and terrestrial plants in order to stimulate their interest in nature and introduce nature senarise, Flora and Fuana,
  • The greenish hill country with its waterfalls, tea estates and year-round cool weather,
  • Different climate zones allows for trees, tropical as well as temperate to flourish.
  • Observe “real” wildlife at least once in your lifetime! The animals that roam the national parks and sanctuaries are many in variety.
  • Pearly beaches and small islands are also famous among tourists.
  • Nature parks, rain forests, vast lakes, reservoirs, protected wild life…etc.

Nature based tourism is the next best thing when visiting Sri Lanka; it gives you opportunity to be as close to nature as you can ever get. Dedicated Tour operator Sri Salike can facilitate above locations for your wish.