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Sustainable Tourism

Any form of tourism that does not reduce the availability of resources and does not inhibit future travelers from enjoying the same experience. If the presence of large numbers of tourists disturbs an animal's mating patterns so that there are fewer of that species in the future then that visit was not sustainable.

Sustainable tourism is on the rise in Sri Lanka, with consumer demand growing, travel industry suppliers are developing new green programmes. we offer activities with this soft Sustainable tour through Sri Lanka includes:-

  • Turtal Conservation, Turtle watching,
  • Elephant Transist Home, Elephant Orphanages and Elephant watching,
  • Botanical Gardens,
  • Wild life conservation, Wild animal safaries, and Animal watching,
  • Birds sanctuaries, Birds watching,
  • National parks,
  • Canoeing in lakes to watch animals.

Tourism will never be completely sustainable as every industry has impacts, but we Sri Salike works towards becoming more sustainable. Dedicated Tour operator Sri Salike can facilitate above locations for your wish.