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Herbal treatments

Herbal bath

The body is prepared for bathing by first receiving an oil massage and then to lie on medicine with fresh herbs for which it will calm your body and relief from body aches.

Herbal steam bath

As many as 6 fresh herbs and 12 dried herbs make up the boiling pot which produces the steam for this remedy. It opens the capillaries and tissue crevices to induce sweating and excrete waste matter.

Milk rice fermentation

The body fermented with milk rice. This helps to get rid of body weakness and also helps to the build up of body muscles. It also helps for dry skin

Herbal Inhalation

Serves to dilate and purify the respiratory tract.

Eye Therapy

A special treatment for ailments using herbal medicine

Chinese medicine

Ayurveda and Acupuncture harmonizes well in specific cases. It is dispensed with the guest’s consent.