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Oil treatments

Face Massage

A facial massage with oil or herbal cream to remove impurities and achieve smoothness. It soothes the nerve structure of the face.

Head massage

The head and nape of the neck is massaged with oil to stimulate blood circulation, make nerve tracts flexible and resilient, promote hair growth and relax tenseness.

Facical massage

A fresh and radiant face means you feel beautiful and more confident in dealing with day-to-day work. It would not be incorrect to say that in most cases, the face is the index of the mind. These beneficial oils go deep into the tissues, relax the facial muscles, tone up the skin and even improve the eyesight and nervous system.

Face Packs are softer and more porous types of face masks. Very similar in action , they improve circulation as well as cleanse and tauten the entire face. Because they are soft, they allow the skin to breathe more and are gentler than masks.

Body massage

You will be massaged gently and synchronously by two therapists using special oil to strengthen and invigorate the skin and tissue, and lymphatic and immune system for deep relaxation and harmony.

Foot massage

During foot massage, special attention is focused on the “tender spots”. This massage produces a reflect effect on the internal organs as well as creating a combined soothing and invigorating effect. Massage of the feet prevents and cures dryness, numbness, roughness, fatigue, and cracking of the heels. It strengthens walking and running.

Leg Massage

By stimulating the circulation, massage brings blood and nutrients to the legs and helps to prevent varicose veins. Gentle stroking up the legs towards the lymph nodes can help to reduce puffiness or swelling in the lower legs. Help to reduce accumulation of cellulite, the dry skin and flabby thighs.


Lukewarm oil is continuously and gradually poured on the forehead through a copper vessel while the guest is lying down on a special bed – recommended for headaches, depression and sleeplessness bringing mental and spiritual relaxation.

Warm oil and Herbal Massage

Warm oil massage followed by heated herbal -rice bag massage for relaxation, pain relief and stimulation of blood circulatio