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Hulannuga Ruins of Stupas

  Province Eastern
  District Ampara
  Nearest Town Panama
  Period Unknown
  Ruler Unknown


In addition to the caves found on this hill, there are numerous ruins at various stages of the hill. Among these ruins are some artifacts hitherto unidentified. There had been three stupas in this sacred land: two of them on rocks on the hill and one at the base of hill. The two on rocks are completely destroyed leaving only signs of them on top and bricks can be seen fallen down. The remainder of the other, which is at the base of the hill, has a circumference of 150ft and a height of 20ft. As there is no archaeological survey done here, it is not possible to date these ruins correctly. However from one or two stone inscriptions and other historic documents elsewhere in can be deduced that this hermitage is built before the 2nd century BC.