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Buddhist Railing site

  Province North Central
  District Anuradhapura
  Nearest Town Anuradhapura
  Period 608-618 A.D.
  Ruler king Agrabodhi


The period or the builder at this shrine associated with the stone fence known as the “Budhist Railing” is not known the rectangular enclosure 43×34 meters in extent is protected by a 1.6 meters high stone fence. Its four entrances one at the center at each side is oriented to the four cardinal points. The function at this shrine is yet to be identified, but the presence of stone seats. Predestals fragments at images and it’s remembrance to the Gandakuti type construction has led some to believe that it was an image house, while the presence at the square pit identified as the spot where a bodhi- tree was planted and the water course leading to it has tended other to suggest that is was a Bodhigara (Bodhi-tree shrine). According to the Mahavansa, there had been a Bodhigara with in the Jeavana Monastery during the reigns at king Agrabodhi 608-618 A.D. and king Dappula II 815-813 A.D. and a golden image of the Buddha has been donated to it the king. The shrine may have been used in turn as a Bodhigara and as an image house.


  • Stone fence
  • Square pit
  • Water course