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Jetavana Monastery

  Province North Central
  District Anuradhapura
  Nearest Town Anuradhapura
  Period 272 – 303 A.D.
  Ruler king Mahasena


This stupa contracted by king Mahasen (276-303) A.D. in the 4th century is considered to be the largest ancient brick construction using man power according to Senarath Paranavithana. The completed height of this stupa is 400ft. While the circumference at the base is 1147 ft. The present height of the stupa is 243 ft from the salapatala maluwa level.

It is believed that this monument, constructed in accordance with classical arche Ural values, enshrines the pati relic of the lord Buddha. The monastery complex in which this stupa is situated is believed to have been in the residence of 3000 Buddhist monks during Anuradhapura area. It consists of an image house with a 26 ft tall stone door way a Bo – tree shrine a chapter house an assembly hall ponds and a refectory for Buddhist monks among many other architectural features.