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Lankarama Complex

  Province North Central
  District Anuradhapura
  Nearest Town Anuradhapura
  Period 89 – 77 B.C.
  Ruler King Vattagamini Abaya (Valagamba)


The presence of vatadage (circular stupa shrine) Bodhi – tree shrine, chapter house, image house and the boundary wall indicate that Lankarama had existed as an independent institution within the Abhayagiri monastery this institute which was established during the reign at king Valagamba (89 – 77 B.C.) was also known as manithuparama this may have also been a monastery for the Buddhists nuns.


  • Vatadage
  • Bodhi – Tree shrine
  • Chapter House
  • Image House
  • Residential unit
  • pond
  • Boundary wall
  • Main entrance pavilion