Kaludiya Pokuna

  Province North Central
  District Anuradhapura
  Nearest Town Mihintale
  Period 956 -972 A.C.
  Ruler Mahinda IV


The gently ascending pathway leading up to the porch entrance of the Kaludiya Pokuna complex curve through boulders, granite and brick paving, under a canopy of shaded trees. Kaludiya pokuna, or the black water pool is said have taken its name from the sombre reflections of trees and boulders in the surrounding jungle. This pond is the largest of the ponds at Mihintale. Some believe that it may probably be the ancient Porodini Pokuna mentioned in the Mihintale tablets of Mahinda IV. Around the pond are the remains of an aramaya consisting of bathing houses, meditation halls and walled caves and two dagobas. At the southern end are terraces at different levels with wistful flights of stairways to no whereas it seems today. All boulders have been utilized in and incorporated into the layout of the complex a technique recognized as a special characteristic of ancient landscaping of sites. Of this site H.C.P. Bell says that “a more perfect sanctuary for the sons of Buddha could not be found anywhere throughout the length and breadth of Ceylon”.