Rajagiri Kanda

  Province North Central
  District Anuradhapura
  Nearest Town Mihintale
  Period Unknown
  Ruler Unknown


Rising prominently above the surrounding plains are the unusually bald boulders of the Rajagiri Kanda or the mountain of the kings. This is accessible from the road almost directly in front of the entrance to the Kaludiya pokuna complex. In this area are found rock caves “which have been occupied by monks of great virtue and wisdom from time to time” A number of cave inscriptions belonging to the earliest periods of Buddhist era have been found on the brows of these caves.. A short climb up a flight of rock cut steps under an avenue of profusely flowering white araliya trees leads to its summit where nestles the Rajagiri lena. The cave comprising of many compartments, appears to have once included a shrine. Bell who examined these caves described them thus: “A better hermitage for Buddhist monks could hardly be selected than these airy caverns. They provided every facility for a quiet retreat: within 8 miles of the Anuradhapura shrines, and adjacent yet wholly distinct from the monasteries at Mihintale and Anai-kutti kanda, they command from their peaceful secluded elevation an unimpaired restful view across many miles of dark green forest and silvery tanks”. (Kishanie S. Fernando)