Province North Central
  District Anuradhapura
  Nearest Town Mihintale
  Period Unknown
  Ruler Unknown


The remains of the Bath ge or the dana sala or the refectory of the monks of the monastery.The building is rectangular with a central courtyard open to the sky and paved with granite slabs. The two large stone canoes of different sizes referred to as the Bath oruwa or the rice boat and the kenda oruwa or the gruel boat. It is believed that these troughs were once inlaid with a layer of metal. The Refectory was equipped with water cisterns and covered drains. Interestingly the Mihintale Tablets refer to the many servants working in the refectory and their duties and allowances. They include the bath ge led or the warden of the refectory, Sala jetak, the head of the servants, Pisana salayin dolos janak twelve servants that did the cooking, Dar nanga bath pack salayak, the servant who procures firewood and cooks food, ni pise dar nengu salayak, the servants who bring firewood but does not cook, negu dare bath pack salayak the servant who only cooks on firewood fetched by others.