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The Royal Palace of the Kandyan Kingdom

  Province Central
  District Kandy
  Nearest Town Kandy
  Period 1637 probably
  Ruler Rajasinghe II


The remains we see today of the Royal Palace of Kandy is the residence of the last king of Kandyan Kingdom, Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe (1797 - 1814). But the original palace has been burnt and destroyed several times and rebuilt again by subsequent kings.


The first palace was built by King Vickramabahu III of Gampola Kingdom (1357-1374) and by Senasamatha Vickramabahu (1469-1511) of the same. Wimaladharmasuriya I (1592 - 1603) also occupied this palace thereafter and each of them probably made various improvements to the existing palace. During the period of King Senarat (1603 - 1634), the Portuguese attacked the Kandyan Kingdom and destroyed the palace. Rajasinghe II who accented to the throne in 1637 probably rebuilt it and all the subsequent kings upto 1815 (the year which the kingdom fell under British rule), used this as their Royal Palace. By the time of the last king, Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe (1797 - 1814) the palace comprised of many buildings scattered spread among the premises. After the British invasion, the palace was used by the british government agents.