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Baddhsima Prasade

  Province North Central
  District Polonnaruva
  Nearest Town Polonnaruva
  Period Unknown
  Ruler Unknown


This is the uposathaghara (Chapter house.) of the monks of the Alahana Pirivena where they rehearsed the code of discipline (especially the pati mokka) The pillars and brick walls suggest that there had been a storied building. This is the largest of the uposathagharas in the island and according to Mahavamsa was twelve storied. The central platform within the building was to locate the relic casket while four monks seated on the stone pedestals facing the cardinal directions read the code of discipline.


  • Upper most terrace and main building
  • 2nd Terrace and Associate Buildings
  • 3rd Terrace
  • Lower Terrace
  • Seema stone

  • Central Platform

  • stone Pedestal